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Scale of Charges (From 1 July 2023)

Private: Hire Charge - £35.00 for first 3 hours, £13 per additional hour, minimum hire period is 3 hours.  
Regular User: Hire Charge - £11.00 for 3 hour session.
Monthly User: Hire charge - £17.00 for 3 hour session. 
Football Teams: By special arrangement.
Commercial User: Hire charge - £20.00 per hour, minimum hire period is 3 hours
Alcohol Licence: Charge - £21.00. At least 4 weeks notice must be given.
Music Licence: The hall is licenced for playing recorded music.

To hire, please contact Elaine Kingston at or Mark Cornish at or email us a booking/availability enquiry using the email form below:

Success! Message received.

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